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Image align test

Align right: Align left: Align center: No alignment:

Test with thumbnails

Three thumbs with links:

Test with wide image resized

Image is 900x598px, resized in editor to 329×222.

Test with wide image

Image is 900x598px, not resized in editor. Incoming search terms for the article: image

Test with image

Image is 300×199, not resized in editor.

Post with categories

Parent, Child 1 and Child2.

GMT+10 test post

Timezone offset is +10, timestamp is 04 Sep 2007 @ 9:18am

GMT test post

TZ offset is 0, post time is 03 Sep 2007 @ 11.14pm.

GMT-6 test post

Timezone offset is -6, time is 03 Sep 2007 @ 5.16pm