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You can choose among six available sidebar layout. All sidebars are easily customized, means you can set the width of the sidebars.

1. No Sidebar

Some of you maybe not wanting any sidebar. Because no sidebar means better to be viewed in small screen, namely Phone Cell. You can still use widgets in the footer area.

2.  Sidebar 1 (Right)

This one is very common among bloggers. One right sidebar.

3. Sidebar 2 (2 Right sidebars)

This one is preferred by bloggers, because there are two sidebars. But lots of themes not meet the preference. But Albizia is not common theme. Lots of features including this two sidebars.

4. Sidebar 3 (Left)

Does the same as Sidebar 1 but the position is left.

5. Sidebar 4 (2 Left sidebars)

Does the same as Sidebar 3 but the position is left.

6. Right and Left Sidebar or Holy Grail

There are one left sidebar and one right  sidebar. The left sidebar is sidebar #1 and right sidebar is sidebar #2.

The good of Albizia is every sidebars actually come after the body. Even tough the left sidebar is displayed in the left of the body, the source code are come after the body. This feature is very good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enthusiast who wants to have left sidebar.

We employ some CSS tricks to make the left sidebar displayed in the left, although actually they come after the main body.

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  • akhmad saini says:

    i’m like it this thema for design, help me for maksimal. a want flug in google adsense serch for my web. but i don’t have account adsense,

  • nick says:

    hey all. does anyone know how to change the color of the theme and how to change the color of inside of the blog area and widget boxes? please email me hangman522@yahoo.com

  • theme nya sangat user friendly, terima kasih saya sedang mencoba theme ini. good luck with the dev. di tunggu theme2 lainnya

  • Tyler says:

    hello there. everything is awesome but there is a small problem.

    i want to use my header empty. just a background image. and i made it without playing any codes. only when you open a page the left menu comes.

    but i open my web with internet explorer i can see the left sidebar components on main page. when i clean all of them, it automaticly some icons etc.

  • Sinplan says:

    I always prefer using two sidebars 😉

  • mhanacapara says:

    Hi! Great theme! I just wish the font size of my posts are bigger. Is there a way to adjust it? Please help. Thanks! =)

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